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No one likes guessing. That’s why PENN have taken the guess work out of choosing your next rod and reel combo and have perfectly matched six rods and reels to suit Aussie conditions, species, and the anglers who target them.

A lot goes in to matching a rod and reel together. The outfit needs to be balanced. The outfit needs to be in proportion. The drag rating and line weight need to accommodate each other. The line capacity needs to match the casting capabilities of the rod. And the guides need to match the line class. For many, this is all part of the learning experience. For some, however, its time less spent fishing. We get that. Start your battle now with PENN’s range of spinning combos.

Each combo features market leading technology and the highest quality componentry available on today’s market. With 85 years of design experience underpinning the combo range, and a field of some of Australia’s best anglers testing and tweaking them before going market, PENN can guarantee that each combo has been chosen because it not only works, but because it has countless runs on the board.


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