• 5+1 Shielded bearings
  • 6+1 Shielded bearings on 760 SLAMMER
  • HT100 drag washer
  • Full metal body for strength

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With the increase in popularity of braided main lines, Penn were quick to realize that most fixed spool reels would not cope with the immense pressures exerted on the shaft and drag systems by non-stretch braids. To combat this, the Penn engineers incorporated a heavy duty support shaft for the spool, this also being triple supported throughout the frame, ensuring that spool alignment and balance would not be compromised under extreme loads. A single,oversize HT100(Tm) drag washer has also been located under the spool to provide maximum drag pressure. Other features include a full metal body for strength, shielded ball-bearings, a Techno-balanced rotor, a machined and anodized spool, plus the Penn Leveline line lay system.PENN SLAMMER LIVELINER One turn of the handle disengages the free spool feature and instantly engages the main fighting drag. This concept is ideal when fishing freelined or swimming baits, such as sand eel or mackerel, for bass and other predators, also when dead bait fishing for predators that pick up and run, such as pike, tope and even offshore sharks. These reels also feature the Penn Power Drag. This is a single, large HT100 (Tm) drag washer, located under the spool that protects the drag for m the elements and provides a smooth but ultimately powerful drag. The proven HT100(Tm) drag material is also long lasting, but as wear occurs over time, the reversible drag washer can be flipped over doubling the washer’s life.



ModelSKUColorMono Capacity yd/lbMono Capacity m/mmBraid Capacity yd/lbBraid Capacity m/mmReel Handle PositionAnti-Reverse FeatureGear RatioRecovery RateDrag MaterialBearing CountBraking SystemMax Drag lbReel Spool MaterialDrag TypePrice
000F2601152048Black Gold290/6 190/8 160/10265/0.25 173/0.28 146/0.31320/10 240/15 190/20292/0.23 219/0.25 173/0.29Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse5.1:125" | 64cmCarbon Fiber5+1Mechanical11lb | 4.9kgAluminumFront Drag$119.99
000F3601152049Black Gold290/8 240/10 180/12265/0.28 219/0.31 164/0.36470/10 350/15 290/20429/0.23 320/0.25 265/0.29Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse5.1:128" | 71cmCarbon Fiber5+1Mechanical10lb | 4.5kgAluminumFront Drag$119.99
000F4601152050Black Gold320/10 240/12 210/15292/0.31 219/0.36 192/0.38470/15 380/20 290/30429/0.25 347/0.29 265/0.36Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse4.6:127" | 69cmCarbon Fiber5+1Mechanical14lb | 6.3kgAluminumFront Drag$119.99
000F5601152051Black Gold310/12 270/15 190/20283/0.36 246/0.38 173/0.46500/20 380/30 260/50457/0.29 347/0.36 237/0.41Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse4.6:130" | 76cmCarbon Fiber5+1Mechanical15lb | 6.8kgAluminumFront Drag$129.99
000F7601152052Black Gold340/20 300/25 230/30310/0.46 274/0.48 210/0.56675/30 470/50 390/65617/0.36 430/0.41 356/0.45Right/LeftInstant Anti-Reverse4.7:138" | 97cmCarbon Fiber6+1Mechanical20lb | 9.0kgAluminumFront Drag$149.99




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