• Superior stretch & breaking strain
  • iZanas™ line construction
  • Available in multi-coloured metered braid (colour change every 10m with a white marker every 5 metres)
  • Available in 3 different spool sizes

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Slammer® Braid is a premium quality Japanese braid, the first premium saltwater braid for PENN®. Constructed with a unique braiding method that features ALB and iZanas™ line technology.

This provides a tightly woven, smooth and strong high performance casting braid.



SKUModelColourPackage CountTest lbsLengthRRP
1576795PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 15LB 150MMulti Colour115lb150m$39.99
1577650PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 20LB 150MMulti Colour120lb150m$39.99
1577651PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 30LB 150MMulti Colour130lb150m$39.99
1577652PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 40LB 150MMulti Colour140lb150m$39.99
1577653PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 15LB 400MMulti Colour115lb400m$79.99
1577654PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 20LB 400MMulti Colour120lb400m$79.99
1577655PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 30LB 400MMulti Colour130lb400m$79.99
1577656PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 40LB 400MMulti Colour140lb400m$79.99
1577657PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 50LB 400MMulti Colour150lb400m$79.99
1577658PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 65LB 400MMulti Colour165lb400m$79.99
1577659PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 80LB 400MMulti Colour180lb400m$79.99
1577660PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 100LB 400MMulti Colour1100lb400m$79.99
1577661PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 120LB 400MMulti Colour1120lb400m$79.99
1577662PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 15LB 3000MMulti Colour115lb3000m$499.99
1577663PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 20LB 3000MMulti Colour120lb3000m$499.99
1577664PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 30LB 3000MMulti Colour130lb3000m$499.99
1577665PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 50LB 3000MMulti Colour150lb3000m$499.99
1577666PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 65LB 3000MMulti Colour165lb3000m$499.99
1577667PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 80LB 3000MMulti Colour180lb3000m$499.99
1577668PENN SLAMMER BRAID MULCLR 120LB 3000MMulti Colour1120lb3000m$499.99


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