Fathom® II Lever Drag 2 Speed

  • Quick shift 2 speed system
  • Full metal body and sideplates
  • Stainless steel main and pinion gear
  • Pull to turn preset adjustment
  • Dura-Drag™ washers
  • 5 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse
  • Line capacity rings

FROM RRP. $379.99

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Featuring a Full Metal Body for durability, the Fathom® II Lever Drag series offers power and speed in a lightweight package.

Now with a new cosmetic and a variety of updates including the Pull-To-Turn preset knob to eliminate accidental changes to the drag.

These reels are engineered to be fished with superline and cover a wide range of fishing applications such as jigging, live baiting, and bottom fishing.



SKUModelColourBraid Capacity yd/lbAnti-Reverse FeatureGear RatioRecovery RateBearing CountMax Drag kgDrag TypeRRP
1563174FTHII10XLND2 FATHOM II 10XNLD2 CV REL BXSilver / Black425/15 345/20 260/30Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse6.2:132in | 81cm59.1Dura-Drag$379.99
1563175FTHII15LD2 FATHOM II 15LD2 CONV REEL BOXSilver / Black550/20 410/30 335/40Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse6.2:132in | 81cm59.1Dura-Drag$409.99
1563176FTHII15XNLD2 FATHOM II 15XNLD2 CV REL BXSilver / Black710/20 535/30 435/40Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse5.5:138in | 97cm515.0Dura-Drag$409.99
1563178FTHII25NLD2 FATHOM II 25NLD2 CV REEL BXSilver / Black675/30 555/40 475/50Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse5.5:138in | 97cm515.0Dura-Drag$409.99
1563180FTHII30LD2 FATHOM II 30LD2 CONV REEL BXSilver / Black740/40 635/50 525/65Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse5.5:138in | 97cm515.0Dura-Drag$409.99
1563182FTHII40NLD2 FATHOM II 40NLD2 CV REEL BOXSilver / Black785/50 655/65 565/80Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse6.0:150in | 127cm518.2Dura-Drag$439.99
1563184FTHII60LD2/FATHOM 60 LEVER DRAG 2SP BOXSilver / Black820/80 700/100 580/130Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse5.1:150in | 127cm522.7Dura-Drag$459.99
1563185FTHII80LD2/FATHOM 80 LEVER DRAG 2SP BOXSilver / Black980/100 815/130 600/200Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse4.2:141in | 104cm522.7Dura-Drag$479.99


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